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How can I play your game?
It’s quite easy! Choose the WHITE or the BLACK pearl, make your Bet and wait until 00:00 UTC/GMT. If the color you bet on is right, you win the game.

How often are there any win drawings?
The win drawings are held every day including weekends and public holidays.

How many times can I bet during the day?
It doesn’t matter! You can bet as many times as you wish during the day.

How can I determine which color is going to appear?
It’s almost impossible. The color is chosen randomly.

May I take a look at the history of wins?
Sure, you may. To do this, click Result

What electronic money do you accept?
We accept electronic money from and

What foreign currencies are accepted?
We accept only USD for currency deposits.

What are the minimum and the maximum bets?
You can bet any amount starting from $10. The maximum bet is $5,000

How to hit the jackpot?
You need to play every day to hit the jackpot. It will be drawn on one day among all the players who will make their bets on this day irrespective whether the bet was a success or not.

How much time must I wait until I get my winnings?
You can get your winnings as soon as the drawings are announced on the website. Normally, it's paid within 12 hours.

I have some more questions, how can I contact you?
You can contact us by clicking Contact us