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Dear Players,

We are happy to welcome you to our Online Lottery Website. To use our service, you must accept and follow the present Terms and Conditions regulated by state law. There are some Terms and Conditions which must be strictly followed by the users:

  • 1. While betting on our Online Lottery Website, you guarantee that you fully understand and agree with the present Terms and Conditions.
  • 2. Participation in our lottery game is permissible only for residents of those states where gambling is legal and allowed by the law.
  • 3. Our Lottery Website can be used only by the persons of legal age appropriate for the state they reside in. We are unable to provide services to the persons if they are not at least 21 years old.
  • 4. You can bet as many times as you wish during each day.
  • 5. Our Lottery Website is not responsible for your legal right to take part in betting. If you break the law by means of illegal participation in our lottery games, the company takes no responsibility for your actions.
  • 6. While playing, you must bet at least $0.01. The maximum bet is $5,000. Hereby you agree that if you made any bet, you may not cancel any of your deposits for the amount of your bet.
  • 7. You are permitted to participate in the lottery games only for the sake of your own entertainment and not for personal use. Any other access, use or reuse of the Lottery Website is strictly prohibited.
  • 8. The Lottery Website reserves the right to pay your winnings within 12 hours from the moment of the win drawing announcement on the website.
  • 9. In case our Lottery Company suspects any fraudulent activity on your part, the Company reserves the right to withhold any amount from your account.
  • 10. In case there are any disputes regarding any payments of your winnings, you should file your complaints in writing to our Lottery Company within two weeks (14 days).
  • 11. All applicable taxes on one’s winnings must be paid by the winner.
  • 12. The Lottery Company is allowed to add new games or to wind up its activities without giving any notices to its clients.
  • 13. You are personally responsible for keeping the information about your winnings secret. The Lottery Company is not responsible for any disclosure of any kind of this information by you or any third parties.
  • 14. The Company is not responsible for any computer or Internet malfunctions or failures during the client’s betting.
  • 15. If you have any problems or claims with our Lottery Website, please contact our Support Service by clicking Contact us.
  • 16. The present Terms and Conditions represent the final and complete agreement between the Lottery Company and You and must be followed by both parties.